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A lot goes into making a great film. Time, talent, and that most unwanted burden of giving up your treasured spending money on things like backdrops, props, and lighting. Especially with Indie filmmakers, it can be very difficult to find the right equipment for the right price. But we love the Indie filmmaking crowd and they seem to love us. We asked one filmmaker in particular if he could give us some thoughts on our F&V Z1200S Bi-Color 1×2 LED Panels.

“Our F&V Z1200 UltraColor 2 Studio Panel Lighting Kit has arrived and, after a camera test, it has already become one of the most valuable pieces of our indie filmmaking arsenal.

While making our two previous independent features, a documentary AMERICAN CHAIN GANG (SXSW, Atlanta, Nantucket, Human Rights Watch Film Festivals) and psych suspense thriller NOTHING WITHOUT YOU (Santa Fe, Toronto Independent, Sarasota and Twin Cities Film Fests), we learned that the right equipment is essential for success.

As we face an ambitious production schedule for our upcoming feature, we can see how the Z1200 will help us get the highest production value from a tight schedule and modest budget.

First, we noticed that the UltraColor’s 1200 LED lights give off enough such rich luminance to replace several of our bulkier, heavier and hotter lights. The super-bright durable two-panel kit is a fraction of the weight, never gets hot and runs silently.

And with ability to power the unit with an onboard V-mount or Anton-Bauer battery, there are no cables or cords to disguise. Our small team can quickly and easily set our lights precisely where we need allowing for greater framing options and more flexibility for blocking. This means more time on set getting coverage and the takes we need to make the best film we can.

We were also blown away that, with a turn of a dial, we can easily and precisely adjust brightness and color temperature. No need for gels and scrims. Simply popping on the included milk diffusion filter on to the light’s frame, instantly softens the light without cumbersome diffusion gels or silks.

The 2×1 foot solidly built and lightweight Z1200 gives us the professional look we need in a fraction of the rigging space and set-up time.

Having this level of flexibility and accuracy will appeal to any filmmaker on any budget.
For us, who embrace the small crew and focus on getting the most out of each piece of equipment, we are excited about what the possibilities the Z1200 gives us on all our upcoming projects.”

Xackery Irving on iMDB