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F&V LED Soft Series Adds a New Dimension

Introducing the Z1200VC CTD-Soft Light


Chicago, IL: F&V is releasing their most advanced LED Light yet at NAB 2019! The Z1200VC CTD-Soft 3×1 Panel Light uses advanced technology to offer a wide color temperature range, tint control, built-in digital filter library, effects, multiple control options, and many other features in a compact housing.

The light offers maximum color reproduction between 2800K to 6500K. This can be extended to an even wider range of 2400K to 9900K and the Green/Magenta tint can be adjusted to match other lights.  With a built-in digital library of over 300 popular color correction filters, and an expanding selection of effects (such as candle light, lightning, fire, and police cars) professionals can now have a versatile light to support their creative vision.

The 1×3 format with built-in diffuser has a high lux of 6,000 and a beam angle of 130 degrees. An optional Intensifier condenses the beam angle to 45 degrees for a lux of 14,338. F&V owner Kai Zhan said, “We wanted to create a light that would potentially change the LED industry forever and we believe we have done just that. Not only because it has all the special effects and precise color filter presets, but also in the fact that it’s very easy to use. It has 3 fully tunable color modes (HSI, XY, RGBDT) where you can select the exact color & intensity you desire. We are very excited about this light.”

Portability won’t be an issue with the 3×1 panel either. Weighing in at only 10 lbs and being a slim 1.7” wide, this light can go anywhere. Power it with two batteries or an AC Adapter. The light features multiple control options including manual control knobs, built-in WiFi, and built-in DMX ports. All of these options and technologies make the Z1200VC CTD-Soft the most versatile and cunningly crafted LED that F&V has ever made.


About F&V

Headquartered in Europe, Over the last 10 years F&V has invested heavily in applying the advancements of LED technology to photographic and video applications with regards to light quality, light output and energy efficiency.Working closely with key LED sources, F&V has been able to quickly and effectively integrate the newest innovations into all of their products. Manufactured LED series include the CTD-Soft, Power, Soft, SE, & UltraColor Series.  These products range from On-Camera lights to LED Ring Lights & Panel lights.


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