All forms of media in one way or another tell a story. Not just “a” story though, they tell “our” story. The upcoming generations will have as their foundation what we pass on. In his bio Andrew quotes “The success of any civilization depends on the continuity between generations.” What drives his passion for media is a desire to connect our cultures and generations together through these stories we are telling. Here is a look at our conversation with Andrew regarding his work as a media producer/archivist.

Andrew O'Keefe Andrew J. O’Keefe II

1. How long have you been in production and what inspired you to become a producer?

I’ve been in production since middle school; or roughly 16 years ago. I’ve watched films passionately my whole life, and learning how to use a video camera and manage archival media at an early age got me started.

2. How do you make people want to view your works? What is it that viewers are looking for generally?

My goal is to create media that stands on its own, i.e. speaks to universal archetypes that naturally draw viewers in. After working as closely with artists as I have, what I aim to provide viewers with, is a window into possible realities, without the usual baggage we associate with them.

O'Keefe BTS

3. Is there a tension between telling the truth of a story and creating an exciting vibrance for a particular film?

There is always a tension between telling the truth and having an edge. For fiction film, leaning towards the edge gives the extra pop… but for non-fiction, leaning towards the truth itself can be edgy depending on the content. I always lean towards what is most appropriate for the context and the project.

4. Do you enjoy viewing your own work?

While I make media for clients and audiences, by nature I’m usually passionate enough about the project to begin with so I fully enjoy every aspect of production from ideation to viewing.

5. Which products of our do you use and why do you use them?

The only products I currently own are the F&V Z400S Soft 1×1, and the R-300 Ring light. In the future, I plan to get a few more 1x1s and possibly the 2x1s. I like them because of the color, brightness/dimming capabilities, and accessories. While I don’t own any batteries yet, I’m looking forward to including those with my future lights and some travel cases.

O'Keefe BTS On Set

6. Why do you believe your work as a media producer/archivist is important?

Capturing and sharing that which inspires us may be the single act that helps or hurts building towards a better future. As more individuals and organizations are empowered to tell their stories, a more collaborative vision of humanity is possible. Conversely, anything of value that we’ve decided isn’t worth ‘recording’ or saving, may ultimately be lost to history forever.

7. What would you like to say to the upcoming generation of media producers?

Follow what inspires you, as much or more as what generates your income. Building a better world starts with what makes us feel whole, and as we optimize our success around what values mean the most to us — we may find the world responds in kind. The future needs more passionate people activating their highest aspirations, and you yourself can play an important role that has not yet been realized.

You can learn more about Andrew J. O’Keefe II at

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